The Golden Age Of Video
You already know that video is the future of marketing.
It accounts for 57% of all consumer internet traffic… and that’ll be 79% inside 2 years. (That’s almost 4 out of every 5 buyers coming through video).
Using videos on your landing pages increases conversions by 80%.
64% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.
But here’s the thing: everyone else knows video is the future of marketing as well.
And that means the competition is HUGE.
Video alone won’t give you an advantage. It’s time you got an upgrade

Video May Be The Future Of Marketing… But This Is The Future Of Video

Listen, you might not want to hear this… but it needs to be said so consider it tough love.
There’s over 300 hours of video content currently uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE.
Gone are the days when just having a video would turn you into a marketing rock-star…
These days, simply ‘standing out’ from the crowd isn’t enough…
Your videos have to be OUTSTANDING if you want to get any attention…

And hey!
We’re not even talking content here…
Because it doesn’t matter how life-changing, how revolutionary or how hilarious your content is…
If you’re not putting out jaw-dropping videos, with pro-quality effects, then you’re dead in the water when it comes to video-marketing.
And it’s getting harder as more and more people turn to video…
You just can’t get the attention you deserve.
Which is why you only see the really big-dog marketers using professional animations…
… and what a difference it makes!

Pick The Perfect Profit-Pulling Animation Every Time… From A Template Library Jam-Packed With Stunning Templates.

Studio-Quality Intros
Create exceptionally high quality intro animations and logo stings that reach out and put your viewer’s attention in a strangle hold.

Stunning Social Actions
Harness the mind-blowing power of social media to spread your brand far ‘n’ wide with our stunning social media animations… (Twitter, Facebook, G+, YouTube… we help you build a huge social following, get likes, follows, shares, +1s, pins, retweets… and the rest!)

Seamless Transitions
Choose from a selection of beautiful transitions… each carefully designed to help your videos flow smoothly… and keep your viewers attention riveted on your marketing message.

Awesome Outros
Wrap up your sales message and fix your brand identity firmly in the mindspace of your viewers, customers and clients.

Exceptional End Cards
Deploy powerful end cards to make sure YOUR YouTube Video is the last video your viewers watch, remember, share and take action on…

Compelling CTAs
Choose from a selection of customizable templates designed by our team of animators and marketers… so your video looks first class…and converts too.